Canvas Silhouette

This is another Pinterest inspired project I decided to try my hand at, and man, I loved it! The instructions are simple, the project fairly inexpensive, and the results great. Ready to try this?

I bought the canvas from Michaels for $12 for a ten pack. Put on a 50% off coupon and that’s a little over $6 plus tax for 10, making the cost just around $0.60 each per canvas! Talk about budget friendly.

The paint is between $1-2 dollars at Michaels, and I used 3 colors. Let’s estimate $5 spent on paint, but there is plenty left of the white and black for another project!

I had a brush or two on hand, those can be picked up from craft stores for around a few dollars if you don’t have any. I used a $0.45 cent sponge brush to paint the background of the canvas.

Here are some similar canvases:  Canvas Pack of (8 X 10) Pack of 10

And here are some from Amazon:
Art Alternatives Canvas Panel (8 X 10) PACK OF 12

This project rings in at less than $10 even if you have to purchase brushes!


Photo Jan 03, 3 21 54 PM

There is a similar image used on Pinterest, but I decided to size down the characters and make the boat more of a prominent feature. This is all dependent on taste!

First, find a print out of the image you’d like. I’d suggest a simple outline of whatever Disney character or object you’d like to turn into a silhouette. I find it easiest to print on card stock, cut it out, and trace around it lightly with pencil on top of the background color.

All in all, this project took about 2 hours. 10 minutes painting the canvas and leaving for a few hours to dry, and then a little over 1.5 hours outlining the image and painting both canvases with details.


Photo Jan 03, 3 21 20 PM

I am currently making a few more, I will upload those images when they are complete. This is great and simple way to personalize a dorm or apartment!


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