Fake Succulent

My closest friend Alex absolutely LOVES cacti and other succulents. However, she finds it difficult to balance placing them in an aesthetically pleasing location that also has enough light so the plant won’t perish. Here comes in the dupe. Now I know quite a few people aren’t fans of fake flowers/plants, but they offer convenience and can fool nearly anyone if used correctly. 🙂

For her birthday, I decided to make her a house-warming present to ease the pain of moving. I’ve included tips and tricks as well as prices, because I know some of you ladies are also college students or like to be frugal!

The Supplies:

  • Teacup/Jar/Pot etc.
  • Small Stones or Sand
  • Fake Succulent Plants

DSC_0177 DSC_0179

I found the mug at my favorite local thrift store “Thrift Town” for a mere $0.69! The stones are from Michaels and were $2.99 for a medium sized bag that is enough for about 3 different small cups or jars. The succulent itself was 4.29 for a double mini but Michaels ALWAYS has 50% off “one full priced item” coupons you can cut out or find on their app which brought the price down to $2.15.

(I don’t mind making multiple trips to Michaels when I run errands because the local Target is right next door. This way, I can get 50% off each time I buy a fake succulent which is what I plan on doing to make 2 more.)

All in all, Alex’s succulent present cost me $3.84 with a little tax on top. How much are those things in stores/boutiques? Like $10-15?


Now to combine everything! I suggest testing out layout/size before super gluing anything to make it permanent. Cut the stem of the succulents shorter by small increments, until they stick out of the rocks at the right height.


I included a photo below with the other jar I bought from Thrift Town so you could see the stones from the side view. I plan on making a similar one for myself with that container the next time I run by Michaels.


The final step is to superglue the succulents to the bottom of the container if you’d like it to be more permanent or leave it as it is so you can change it up whenever the mood strikes you. This is a super simple and small version, I plan on making a larger fake terrarium for my room next fall!

What do you guys think? Easy enough? Let me know how it went in the comments.

— Karen

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